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Trump responds to Hillary’s completely CLUELESS slam on Mexico visit like only he can

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Hillary Clinton took to social media to mock Donald Trump’s meeting Wednesday with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto — leader to leader, mano a mano.

As it turned out, she would have been better off had she just kept her mouth shut.

For the most part the meeting was a rousing success, it provided the perfect prequel to his immigration speech he delivered later that day and it was Pena Nieto — not Trump — who looked weak.

Then there are Clinton’s own flops, which Trump-iacs were only too happy to remind her of.

Clinton unbelievably tweeted:

Actually, it was reported that Trump looked very much at ease and in his element during the press briefing that followed the meeting.

The responses to Clinton’s statement were brutal. Here are a few examples:

Trump’s Mexican meeting was at the request of Pena Nieto himself, who’d also invited Clinton. Apparently she wasn’t in the mood to show her diplomatic mettle.

The Republican presidential nominee also took issue with Clinton’s observation.

“It was a very successful day for myself and for the United States, and hopefully for Mexico, too. We can absolutely work with them,” he told Fox News host Eric Bolling, who was guest-hosting “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday night.

He added that the issue of which country will eventually pay for the wall will be a subject up for “negotiation” at a later date.

“And I will tell you that the United States will not be paying for the wall,” Trump told Bolling. “Mexico will be paying for the wall.”

Then he hammered away at Hillary Clinton in response to her saying that he “failed his first foreign test.”

“How has she done in Libya?” Trump asked. “How has she done in Iraq? How has she done with the Iran deal and with all of the other things, like she started that horrible Iran deal that’s now blowing up all over the place… for her to be saying that, and that’s just a soundbite that’s given to her by her handlers. You know, she’s got handlers, and that’s just a soundbite.”

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