Remember when Jesse Jackson praised Trump for his ‘commitment to diversity’? Yeah, neither does he

Remember back in 1999 when the Reverend Jesse Jackson praised Donald Trump because Trump was doing a great job on “diversity”? I’ll bet Jesse doesn’t, either! But we have video to prove it.

As it happens, back in 1999 Trump worked with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow-PUSH coalition to help bring blacks and minorities into corporate America.

The PUSH project, started 1996, claimed its goal was to challenge corporate America to “end the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with minority vendors and consumers, while working to ensure equal opportunities for culturally diverse employees, entrepreneurs and consumers,” according to its website.

At one point, Donald Trump appeared at a PUSH meeting where Jackson praised him for his commitment to “diversity” in the workplace.

“I do want to thank you, Donald Trump, for being with us tonight,” Jackson said at the time. “We need your building skills, your gusto for people on Wall Street to represent diversity.”

The reverend went on to insist Trump’s success is “beyond argument” and warned people against missing it all saying, “one can miss his seriousness and his commitment.”

“When we opened this Wall Street project … he gave us space at 40 Wall Street, which was to make a statement about our having a presence there,” Jackson said.

“Beyond that, in terms of being inclusive, he’s done that too,” the reverend concluded.

So, since Jesse Jackson was so appreciative of Trump back then… why isn’t he today? You can bet Jackson just wants to forget this ever even happened.


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