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Donald Trump Jr. has a perfectly good reason his dad didn’t push Mexican president to build wall

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Donald Trump Jr. explained why his father, the Republican presidential nominee, didn’t push the Mexican president on the issue of that country footing the bill to construct a border wall.

You have to “build a relationship first,” he said.

Clip via Fox News Channel

Donald Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Wednesday, hours before he made his speech on immigration, where the pair discussed the Republican’s plans to build a border wall if elected.

They did not discuss the issue of payment, however.

“You don’t go in with the hardest line aspect of the thing on day one,” he told Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum on Thursday. “You don’t start a negotiation when you’re building a relationship with someone. You build a relationship first.”

The eldest Trump son added that had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Sen. Tim Kaine — the Democratic nominees for president and vice president — “ever experienced the real world instead of just being politicians talking in theory,” they’d be aware of that.

Instead of actually creating something or doing something meaningful, “Hillary Clinton will regurgitate sound bites that someone much wittier than her will write for her.”

In contrast, he said that his father “has done these things. He’s created those jobs. He’s done it in the real world where people’s lives … depend on him,” Trump said.

“Trust me,” he concluded. “He knows how to set up a negotiation.”

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