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‘Upper cut boo!’ Mother cheers on teen daughter as she brawls in front of neighbors

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Mother-of-the-Year she is not.

A woman reported to be the mother of brawling teen is under fire for encouraging a major fight.

“The adults were egging on the fight, the mother especially,” neighbor Mary Wilhelm of Beech Grove, Indiana told Fox 59.

“It’s not uncommon for this to happen at that house.  We see a lot of fights.”

It appears to be the mom on the video who is yelling and giving tips to her daughter.

“Upper cut boo!” she yelled. “Don’t get tired.”

Wilhelm was upset by the brawl, but not surprised.

“We keep getting bad reputations in Beech Grove because parents are helping their kids fight,” Wilhelm said.

Last summer BPR reported on a nasty brawl between two women at a Beech Grove Wal-Martwhile one of fighter’s 6-year-old cheered.

“They need to be the better person and stop that,” Wilhelm told Fox. “I think the parent needs to grow up.  Who is the adult down there?”

Sadly, there wasn’t one.

Fox reported the police are looking into the incident.


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