Presidential forum moderator pick was a ‘notable’ Clinton Global Initiative member…Trump fans are FURIOUS

MSNBC and NBC News announced Wednesday that they will host the first ever Commander-in-Chief Forum in New York City, together with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

It will be an hour-long event held on Wednesday, September 7, and begin at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Clip via NBC News

Throughout the event, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who will appear separately back-to-back, will be on stage fielding questions on issues of national security, military affairs and veterans issues from an audience comprised mainly of members of the military.

NBC News will also ask questions of the candidates. And who will be representing NBC News?

Hmm, is there anything hinky about NBC’s choice of moderator? Why yes there is, and it didn’t take social media long to point it out..


And it brought forth the remembrance of a certain CNN host actually stepping out of her moderator role to give President Obama a leg up — and it turned out her information was wrong.

And then there was this.

Just out of curiosity, had Lauer been a spokesman for Trump Wines, how would the left have reacted? Yes, I thought so.

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