The Mexican president is getting killed in the media over his Trump visit

Donald Trump’s meeting Wednesday with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto gave the Republican presidential nominee everything he wanted — to share the stage as one leader to another — and in turn made the Mexican president look weak.

It was all Peña Nieto’s idea, and now he’s paying the price.

Mexican author and journalist Leon Krauze called it a major miscalculation on the Mexican president’s part.

And he hammered the president in Spanish, “‘There will be no wall , sir. And you should apologize .’ It was so easy,” Krause’s tweet said. “But I said from the beginning: the confrontation is not in the DNA @EPN”

“I think it’s a highly risky move because obviously Trump will play it according to his campaign strategy,” predicted Andrés Rozental, a former Mexican deputy foreign minister, according to Financial Times. “[For Mexico] it makes no sense.”

Rozental’s prediction was realized. While Peña Nieto looked weak, Trump displayed strength.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos said it most succinctly. “Peña Nieto was not ready for Trump,” he said, according to Politico.

“[Trump] not only appeared at ease, he took command after his prepared remarks, taking questions from the media despite Mexican protocol that never allows them,” wrote Jude Webber for Financial Times.

And indeed, the Trump campaign chalked the trip up in the win column.

“Mr Trump’s trip to Mexico is an impressive display of his ability to serve as our nation’s president on day one. This shows Mr Trump’s commitment to strengthening our economy as well as our relationship with our neighbour, Mexico,” said Bryan Lanza, deputy communications director.

Krause’s final question said it all.

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