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School principal who banned American flag because it ‘taunts’ Hispanics reverses course after public outcry

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A South Carolina principal couldn’t take the heat and caved to public outrage after banning the American flag.

In light of a game against a high school with a high Hispanic demographic, Lou Lavely of Travelers Rest High School barred the American flag from sporting events in order not to “offend” students from opposing teams.

Lavely, along with rival Berea High School Principal Mike Noel insisted the ban was to protect the flag from being used in a “taunting” or “unsportsmanlike” manner after reports of students yelling “go home,” had been reported at earlier games, WNCN reported.

But different students and game-goers who were turned away from a recent game because they had Old Glory in hand didn’t exactly agree with the ban.

One man posted his experience to Facebook and got a rousing response:

Needless to say the backlash reached far and wide:

The backlash continued to build and a special meeting was called Monday night where Lavely reversed his decision on the flag. Rather than banning the American flag, the principal acknowledged that students who engage in unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Part of the school district’s statement:

“Today, after meeting with Travelers Rest student and faculty leadership, and with the benefit of time to reflect, Mr. Lavely has reached a different decision. He based this decision on current students’ request that he judge them on their own merits and not based on the actions of past students.  As a result, effective immediately, students are allowed to bring the American Flag to any and all Travelers Rest High School events.  Instead of restricting possession of the flag, the TRHS administration will, if needed, address the misuse of the Flag, or any other inappropriate behavior, on an individual basis.”


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