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Trump promises he’ll lift regulations, end war on family farms – the untold story you should know

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is promising to lift regulations and cut taxes on family farms, which he called the “backbone” of the country, and farmers could not be happier.

One such farmer who outrageously faced up to $2 million in potential fines for hosting a birthday party on her own property appeared on “Fox & Friends” to share her predicament.

“We were threatened with up to $15,000 a day in fines for engaging in farming and traditional family practices and activities and agri-tourism that family farmers have engaged in since forever,” explained Virginia farmer Martha Boneta.

“We are witnessing a war against family farmers all over the country,” she added, saying her family was hit with zoning violations and told she must have a site plan and various permits.

Boneta said “our farm was shut down when we were in full-on harvest,” adding that she never imagined her dream of being a farmer would include “miles and miles of red tape.”

And while the family is back to farming, they are still involved in litigation over the matter.

Tom Tillison


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