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Trump campaign manager shows her mettle by masterfully dodging one Chris Wallace bullet after another

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Hillary Clinton is attempting to divert attention away from her numerous scandals by stepping up attacks on her Republican rival for the White House, Donald Trump, according to his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

Conway made this assessment on “Fox News Sunday,” and referred to a new Quinnipiac poll indicating that only 29 percent of Americans believe the former secretary of state is honest, as opposed to 66 percent who believe she’s dishonest.

Clip via Fox News Channel

“Those numbers have actually gotten worse since she announced her campaign over a year ago, and she’s earned that dishonesty and that untrustworthiness because of the ever-growing ‘scandalabra,'” she told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

Wallace tried to steer the conversation over to Trump campaign’s own issues, and referred to “Trump appearing to back away from his pledge … to deport all 11 million illegals,” but then appeared to reverse that softened stance.

Conway insisted that the Republican presidential nominee has remained consistent on the issue throughout his campaign.

“The signature piece in his campaign has always been ‘build a wall.’ That has not changed,” she said. “No amnesty. no citizenship, no more sanctuary cities.”

She added that “Clinton is to the left of Obama” on immigration.

Wallace continued to lay minefields against Conway — on black voter outreach, on support by hate groups, and charges by Clinton that Trump’s racist. Conway deftly tip-toed her way through each.

She said that it’s Clinton’s sinking poll numbers that are prompting her campaign’s attacks on Trump.

“I know she’s trying to divert attention away from her campaign and her State Department, email scandals, Clinton Foundation, foreign donations in the tens of millions of dollars by talking about consultants,” Conway said. “But the fact is that the hot mess that has become the Hillary candidacy cannot escape the fact that the majority of Americans think she is corrupt and rigged, and they are not going to want that in their next president.”

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