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New poll shows household gun ownership, once on the decline, is coming back with a BANG

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Bad news for burglars; good news for home owners.

After years of steady decline in gun ownership, a new study has found that it has now risen to the point where nearly half of all U.S. residences have a firearm.

Clip via WBRC Fox 6 News, Birmingham, Alabama

Pew Research Center found that out of 2,010 households surveyed between August 9 to 16, 881, or 44 percent, reported having a gun. A total of 1,032 households — 51 percent — claimed to have no firearm within the home.

Pew’s figures seem to run counter to those collected by a CBS poll conducted two months prior and reported by The Washington Post. That survey reported a significant drop in household gun ownership — down to 36 percent.

Source: Washington Post
Source: Washington Post

Continued reports of record gun sales by dealers and manufacturers would appear to favor the results of the Pew poll.

There was very little difference between gun owners and non-gun owners in their support for some specific gun control measures. Eighty-three percent of each group favored background checks at gun shows.

There was no appreciable difference between each group favoring gun bans for persons on no-fly lists.

The biggest gap was on the issue of the federal government maintaining a database of gun sales.

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