New Pew Research poll shows striking number of Americans giving up on their faith – priest finds upside

A new poll showed a whopping 25 percent of Americans consider themselves unaffiliated with any religion.

The Pew Research Poll showed that of those who say they are no unaffiliated, 78 percent were raised as a member of a particular religion.

Nearly half, 49 percent, said lack of belief is what led them from their faith.

Others said they still believed in God but strayed away from organized religion for various reasons.

Fr. Jonathan Morris saw a brighter side to the poll when he spoke to “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

“75 percent of Americans say ‘yes I identify myself as attached to a particular religion,” he said. “That’s pretty high.

He added that true belief was more important than simply identifying as part of a religion because you were raised that way.

“I would much prefer to have somebody who is deeply questioning their faith,” he said, “than somebody who says ‘I’m Catholic I guess because I’m Italian or Irish’ or ‘I’m Christian because my dad is a pastor, an evangelical pastor.’ Faith matters most when we’ve gone through questioning and when we’ve come out ahead.”

Carmine Sabia


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