Even the uber-liberal Huffington Post admits, ‘the race is nowhere near over’

Let’s face it, the polling this year has been all over the place. But many have noted that even as Trump has been up and down, Hillary has been steadily coming out on top in much of the polling.

The situation is so fluid, even the liberal Huffington Post just this week noted that Trump is still in a position to win this race.

“With about 10 weeks left until the election, the race is nowhere near over. Hillary Clinton seems to have a strong lead in the polls for now, but Donald Trump could rise by a few points in the coming weeks,” the website’s senior polling editor noted on Sunday.

Even in his worst weeks Trump has averaged 38 percent to 40 percent support in national polls. That probably means his floor of support is around 38 percent, and, at his current estimate of 40 percent, he has more room to grow upward than to drop.

Other polls have recently shown an uptick in support for Donald Trump among black voters, too, a fact that should have Democrats sitting up and taking notice.

Story after story has also noted that Democrats are “worried” and even “freaked out” that Hillary has not yet sealed the deal with voters in a race that Democrats think should be way over by now.


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