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Trump retaliates on ‘predator’ Clinton with devastating video and she can kiss those black votes goodbye!

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If you come after Donald Trump, he’ll come right back at you — only twice as hard.

That rule was confirmed in spades Friday when the Republican presidential nominee responded to Hillary Clinton’s claim that he’s a racist and white supremacist, and he used her own words to do it.

He put together a video montage of the former secretary of state and posted it to his Facebook page under the heading, “The Clinton’s are the real predators…”

The video ad centers on Clinton’s use of the term “super-predators” in 1993, the first year she served as first lady. She used the term to describe young black men and she said they had to be “brought to heel.”

Others, including most recently Sen. Bernie Sanders, her main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, have called the use of that term racist.

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