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Judge Jeanine on what Donald Trump needs to do to win the White House: ‘Let’s not be so critical of the guy’

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Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro believes Donald Trump can score a victory in November if he will stick to a simple strategy.

“It will depend upon Donald Trump staying on message,” Pirro told host Bill O’Reilly Friday on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

An avid Trump supporter and friend, Pirro believes the GOP nominee needs to “pivot to the general” in order to win the election. “No one should be surprised” by Trump’s campaign faux-pas. “Donald Trump has never even run for mayor,” Pirro said. “So let’s not be so critical of the guy.”

“The bottom line is that he has connected with the American people,” she added. Moving forward, the candidate “needs to never mention another name again other than Obama and Hillary.”

Pirro also noted that what is perceived as impulsiveness in Trump is due to the fact that he is a businessman, not a politician. “I think he comes from a different world,” Pirro said. “The world of business where it’s bare knuckles and it’s all about money and it’s not about political correctness.”

“He’s used to saying what he thinks and that’s why he connected with people,” Pirro stressed. “And if he stays on message going forward, he can connect with those people again.”

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Video clip from Fox News.

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