Hannity loses control when all black panel lets loose on Hillary: ‘She might as well put on blackface’

A Fox News panel featuring three African-American leaders got heated on “Hannity” over which presidential candidate is more racist.

Niger Innis, the chairman of the Tea Party Forward compared Republicans getting through to black voters to bringing down the Berlin Wall but believes Trump is the man who can do it.

“We’re talking about 50 years of a political Berlin Wall within black America that has to be shattered. And the fear that the Democratic Party has is that Donald Trump has the attitude and the will,” Niger Innis, the chairman of the Tea Party Forward, said.

“Donald Trump’s outreach to black Americans is so effective that it brought Hillary out of hiding,” Pastor Darrell Scott said in agreement, adding that it so scared the Clinton campaign that it forced her to go on TV.

“She went on TV. She opened up a pickle jar to prove that she’s healthy,” he said sending the entire panel, including Juan Williams, into hysterics.

Clinton support Juan Williams insisted that Trump is trying to appeal to a white nationalists but Scott and Innis were having none of it, with Scott calling Hillary a bigot.

“Bigotry does not always manifest as hatred. Bigotry can be manifested with kindness and niceness” he said. “For Hillary Clinton to imply and insinuate consistently that she has to reach down to help African-Americans, she considers African-Americans to be inferior to her. She considers African-Americans as inferior to her and as needing her help.”

But the quote of the night came from Scott after Hannity played a clip of Hillary changing her accent when she spoke before predominately black audiences.

“That’s insulting,” Scott said. “She might as well put on blackface. That’s what she might as well do. She pantomimes us, she insults us, she imitates us.”

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