Momentum shift, Trump destroys Hillary’s lead in latest Reuters poll

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump is eroding quicker than a beach front  in a hurricane.

The Democrat presidential nominee lost seven percentage points, from a peak of 12 points to a mere five, on her Republican rival in the span of one month, according to the latest Reuters poll.

The poll found Clinton’s lead at 41 – 36 with a whopping 23 percent still in play.

As to what has caused the shift, a number of factors could be in play including the mounting evidence that Clinton literally sold access to the State Department through the Clinton Foundation when she served as secretary of state.

Donald Trump has started to court the black vote, a demographic Clinton likely thought she had locked. Her scramble to try to hold it included a fear mongering speech used to paint a large swath of the American people as racists for supporting Trump.

Things could get progressively worse for Clinton in the coming weeks as she has been forced by a judge to answer questions under oath about her email scandal for Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has promised another bombshell against her before the election.

Carmine Sabia


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