Hillary hammers Trump over former KKK head David Duke. Boy, was James Woods ready

She shouldn’t have gone there.

Conservative actor, producer, and Twitter agent provocateur James Woods is at it again, this time in response to Hillary Clinton’s Thursday Reno, Nevada speech in which the Democratic nominee tried to portray Donald Trump as bigoted because former Klan leader David Duke said he supported the billionaire businessman.

Because, as everyone knows, every politician is entirely responsible for every single supporter and each supporter’s past political views, right?

Now, if Hillary had a picture of The Donald cozying up to David Duke, that might be problematic. You know, like this…










You see, former Democratic West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd was a bona fide leader of the Ku Klux Klan back in the day as well, but that never stopped the Clintons and other prominent Democrats from associating with HIM. In fact, they just explain it away, like Bill Clinton did below:

Might want to find a new line of attack, Hillary. This one’s for the Byrds!

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Scott Morefield

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