‘Undercover Trump voters’; a secret weapon ‘project we’re doing internally,’ says campaign manager

All is not doom and gloom when it comes to polls showing Donald Trump losing to rival Hillary Clinton.

Newly appointed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway dismissed poll results showing the GOP nominee trailing in the 2016 election as “cherry-picked polling numbers that are put out there by media outlets that are also bent on his destruction.”

Even better news for Trump supporters, Conway said in an interview Monday with Channel 4 in London that Trump is doing much better when factoring in what she referred to as the “hidden Trump vote.”

“Donald Trump performs consistently better in online polling, where a human being is not talking to another human being about what he or she may do in elections,” she explained. “It’s because it’s become socially desirable, especially if you’re a college-educated person in the USA, to say that you’re against Donald Trump.”

“The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition,” Conway added.

It’s no secret that pop culture in America leans significantly to the left and being “in” with the hip crowd — at least publicly — is critical.

Conway declined to put a number to this hidden faction when asked.

“It’s a project we’re doing internally,” she demurred. “I call it the ‘undercover Trump voter,’ but it’s real and I think that if you go around this country and you talk to people, you see it’s real as well.”

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Tom Tillison


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