Ever seen these numbers? The staggering clip on immigration Hannity used to open Trump townhall

Have you ever wondered what the true cost of illegal immigration is in the United States?

Fox News host Sean Hannity broke down the numbers Tuesday before his town hall with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“To put it simply, the effects that illegal immigration is having on our country is absolutely staggering,” he said.


Immigration 2

The numbers Hannity obtained from various sources show there are an estimated 11.3 million illegal aliens in the United States, costing taxpayers a whopping $133 billion per year.

“This includes over $49 billion for education, $10.8 billion for medical care, $9.6 billion on general expenses, $8.7 billion on justice expenditures and $5.3 billion on welfare related costs,” he said.

And the cost to American citizens is far from just financial.



Of the more than 11 million illegal immigrants in America more than 800,000 of them are felons and 55,000 are being held in federal prisons.

Shockingly 36.6 percent of federal sentences handed down in 2015 were to illegal immigrants for crimes ranging from drug trafficking and kidnapping to murder.

“You would think that federal, state (and) local governments would see all of this as overwhelming data and do everything they could to curb illegal immigration. That’s not the case,” Hannity told the studio audience. “There are, in America today, over 300 sanctuary jurisdictions which protect and shelter illegal immigrants from being deported.”

Watch below.

Carmine Sabia


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