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‘Hillary’s Pickle’ trends as her pickle jar stunt backfires – it didn’t exactly prove what she wanted it to

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Hillary Clinton wants everyone to know that her health is just fine.

With the help of Hollywood friend Jimmy Kimmel, the Democrat presidential hopeful pulled a mind-numbingly stupid stunt Monday night to poke fun at growing rumors surrounding Hillary’s precarious health.

“Can you open this jar of pickles?” Kimmel asked as he “surprised” her with a jar. “This has not been tampered with,” he added.

Yeah, right.

In her typical highly exaggerated, and in no-way-authentic style, Hillary laughed wildly while feigning a “struggle” as she tore the lid right off the jar.

And there you have it folks … Hillary’s fine.

But not so fast.

The stunt clearly designed to make those who’ve raised concern over Hillary’s health look foolish was a big backfire on social media where #HillarysPickle started trending.

Funny, if not so scary!

Hillary’s pickle debacle is no laughing matter to many health care experts. Recently, a top doctor debunked the conspiracy notion surrounding her health that he described as “disconcerting.” Last week, Dr. Drew Pinsky, better known as TV’s Doctor Drew, weighed in saying he was “gravely concerned” over possible brain damage the Democrat presidential candidate may have suffered.

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