Pro-Trump black pastor’s truthbomb triggers MSNBC’s Joy Reid into unmerciful temper tantrum – poor guy!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid tried to shame a black clergyman Saturday morning for his support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the GOP national convention in Cleveland, and blasted the candidate for looking into President Obama’s place of birth.

But Pastor Darrell Scott, who is CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, wasn’t buying into it.


After pounding him on several other issues, she eventually brought up Trump’s request for President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

But, Scott jumped in to correct the host. “The birther issue came out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” he said, setting her off.

“No. No it didn’t. No. Nope. No It didn’t sir. No. No,” she said in what became an actual temper tantrum on live TV.

And she made certain that no one could hear what he was saying because she continued her tantrum by shouting over him.

“Sir, sir, sir, nope, nope, nope, nope,” she continued, likely while stomping her feet beneath the desk, until finally cutting the segment.

But Reid is flat-out wrong.

In an attempt, by CNN and, to debunk Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton’s campaign began the birther movement against President Obama in 2008 as a last desperate attempt to wrest the Democrat nomination from him, they uncovered some interesting things.

For starters they had to acquiesce that it was Clinton supporters that began the questions about the president’s birth origin.

And they found that on March 19, 2007, Clinton adviser Mark Penn wrote a memo on strategy to Clinton that noted Obama’s “lack of American roots” was something that “could hold him back.”

The research determined that Clinton herself did not make claims that Obama was not born in the U.S., or that he was a Muslim, but “Bottom line: Clinton stoked questions about Obama’s identity.”


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