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Hillary’s Huma Abedin was assistant editor of radical Muslim journal that blamed US for 9/11 – for a decade

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Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman, Huma Abedin, worked for a radical Muslim newspaper that opposes rights for gays and women, and blamed the U.S for the 9/11 attacks, according to a bombshell story in the New York Post on Sunday.

Abedin was an assistant editor for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs where her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, continues to work as the editor-in-chief, the New York Post reported.

Hillary HumaShe could be the next White House chief of staff.

In fact, Abedin is listed as the assistant editor on a 2002 issue of the journal in which her mother said the U.S brought the 9/11 attacks on itself due to “injustices” committed against Muslim nations, including sanctions against Iraq, the Post reported.

“The spiral of violence having continued unabated worldwide, and widely seen to be allowed to continue, was building up intense anger and hostility within the pressure cooker that was kept on a vigorous flame while the lid was weighted down with various kinds of injustices and sanctions,” she wrote. “It was a time bomb that had to explode and explode it did on September 11, changing in its wake the life and times of the very community and the people it aimed to serve.”

What could be equally damaging for the Clinton campaign, which prides itself on being a beacon of women’s and LGBT rights, is a 1996 article that argued against single mothers and gay families, according to the Post.

The article, titled “Women’s Rights are Islamic Rights” – meant to mock Hillary Clinton’s “women’s rights are human rights” speech at the UN women’s conference in Bejing in 1995, suggested that gay couples with children, working mothers and single mothers should not be considered families.

“A conjugal family established through a marriage contract between a man and a woman, and extended through procreation is the only definition of family a Muslim can accept,” the author wrote, according to the Post.

“Pushing [mothers] out into the open labor market is a clear demonstration of a lack of respect of womanhood and motherhood,” he continued.

The article further suggested that women could be inviting rape by wearing revealing clothing.

Another damning piece in the same issue, written by Abedin’s mother, chastised Clinton for pushing a “very aggressive and radically feminist” agenda.

“‘Empowerment’ of women does more harm than benefit the cause of women or their relations with men,” she wrote, according to the Post.


“By placing women in the ‘care and protection’ of men and by making women responsible for those under her charge,” she wrote, “Islamic values generate a sense of compassion in human and family relations.”

“Among all systems of belief, Islam goes the farthest in restoring equality across gender,” the elder Abedin wrote. “Acknowledging the very central role women play in procreation, child-raising and homemaking, Islam places the economic responsibility of supporting the family primarily on the male members.”

She even argued in favor of men in domestic violence situations, according to the Post, stating that most case of men abusing women could be attributed to “the stress and frustrations that men encounter in their daily lives.”

Clinton’s camp has not responded to numerous requests for comment by the Post which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering how stark a contrast this information presents to the image Clinton wants to project.

Are the Clinton friendly media going to be able to bury this one for her?

Carmine Sabia


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