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Ann Coulter has a perfect idea for the presidential debate – if only she were outspoken enough to share

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Did you catch the sarcasm in the headline?

Ann Coulter lit the airwaves in Alaska on fire this week discussing her new book and a variety of hot-button topics, including the health of Hillary Clinton.

“This is something that is certainly more important than, say, a presidential candidates tax returns,” she told Tom Anderson on KOAN “FOX News” in Alaska. “At least as far back as Eisenhower Americans wanted to know about the physical health of their presidential candidates. Eisenhower had to show that he had a strong enough heart to be president. I don’t think the release of tax returns even began until Richard Nixon.”

She argued that there is no Constitutional requirement in either case but that the media is continuing to cover up Democrat presidential candidates like John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt.

“JFK was basically a drug addict walking around with a syringe coming out of his arm,” Coulter, whose new book “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” is available Tuesday, told Anderson. “Maybe (the) Bay of Pigs (invasion) wouldn’t have been a humiliating disaster if he hadn’t been drugged up.”

Coulter said Trump should insist on a 90 minute debate with no commercial breaks and no moderators to see how healthy Clinton is.

“The fact that we have a presidential candidate that needs 17 different drugs everyday — I think that’s something we need to know about,” she said.

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