Newt Gingrich unfazed by media hype – predicts Trump’s going to win by ‘surprising margins’

Donald Trump super supporter Newt Gingrich is peering into his crystal ball and making some very bold predictions about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

While most polls show Trump, the Republican nominee, in negative territory against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, especially in key battleground states, Gingrich sees it differently.

For Gingrich, a former speaker of the House of Representatives, the polls aren’t showing the truth. He thinks Trump will win big in November and said so on a recent broadcast of “Fox & Friends.”

Gingrich noted that after July’s GOP convention Trump was ahead. He also pointed out that Clinton has spent $110 million in advertising to Trump’s “zero” yet she isn’t running away with the lead.

“I think, frankly, he’s going to end up beating Hillary by surprising margins,” Gingrich said, according to

The Fox hosts also asked Gingrich about recent changes in the Trump campaign with the hiring Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to head up the next leg of the campaign. Bannon has taken a leave of absence from the news website.

Gingrich said despite the fact that the new Trump operatives have never been involved in a national campaign, they are capable and will bring a lot to the game.

Gingrich isn’t alone in his thoughts on the election. Many have been wagging tongues that Clinton should be far and away in the lead, yet it is still close. This has many Democrats worried.

Gingrich isn’t the first to note how Trump has continued to stay neck and neck with Clinton, dashing predictions of doomsayers.

Pollster Frank Luntz noted that Trump’s convention acceptance speech would put him in the lead with the polls, and he was right. And statistician Nate Silver in July also predicted Trump will win it all.


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