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Clinton Foundation will no longer accept foreign & corporate donations if, and only if, Hillary’s elected

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They just kind of make up the rules as they go along, don’t they?

Former President Bill Clinton announced Thursday that in the event his wife is elected to the White House, the Clinton Foundation will put a halt to its much-maligned practice of accepting donations from foreign and corporate entities.

He also announced that they will end its annual Clinton Global Initiative meetings.

Clinton made the announcement at a foundation staff meeting, according to The Associated Press.

Clinton also said he will put an end to delivering paid speeches from now until the Nov. 8 election, and continue to refrain from delivering them if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The Clinton Foundation has long-been a target of criticism, especially during the years Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. The AP reported:

Former Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana, questioned Hillary Clinton at length about the foundation and potential conflicts of interest in early 2009 during her nomination hearing. He was pushing for more transparency than what was ultimately agreed upon between the foundation and the Obama transition team.

Lugar said moving forward, if she wins the White House, he hopes she and Bill Clinton make a completely clean break from the foundation to avoid anyone thinking that favor is being given to people who helped out the foundation.


“The Clintons, as they approach the presidency, if they are successful, will have to work with their attorneys to make certain that rules of the road are drawn up to give confidence to them and the American public that there will not be favoritism,” Lugar said earlier this week, according to The AP.

But few were buying the sincerity of Clinton’s promise.

But the best observation came from former PJ Media columnist Belladonna Rogers, who brought everything into crystal-clear focus with this comparison:

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