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Tim Kaine awkwardly admits he wanted Bill Clinton to resign after Lewinsky scandal

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There was once a time, not so long ago, when Tim Kaine wasn’t in the Clinton’s soul-sucking sphere of influence, a time when right was right and wrong was wrong, and even a Democratic state politician understood that.

The Daily Beast reports that in 2002, when Kaine was lieutenant governor of Virginia, he was asked by the Richmond Times-Dispatch about a scandal involving then-Virginia state Rep. Vance Wilkins. Kaine then made an apples with apples comparison with another scandal that had taken place just four years before, saying that former President Bill Clinton should have stepped down in 1998 after the Monica Lewinsky controversy.

In a separate interview with the Associated Press, during which he called for Wilkins’s resignation, Kaine said, “My reaction was the same I had when I read about the Clinton-Lewinsky affair: this is not appropriate conduct. It’s beneath the dignity of the office … That is an intolerable way to treat women and it’s not something that the state should be dragged through.”

On Wednesday, Kaine clarified his comments to news station KWWL. “It was not inaccurate. That’s true,” he said.

“Twenty years ago I was disappointed like a lot of folks were, but I tell ya there is no reason to relitigate problems of 20 years ago when Americans want to talk about is what do we do today and tomorrow, and so as I’m campaigning all across the country people are saying what do we do to get an economy growing again with prosperity that’s shared, how do we make sure we are strong in the nation we’re strong alliances in the world, how do we make sure we build up a community of respect? So past controversies aren’t really important to the voters they want to know what we are going to do tomorrow.”

Responding to this blast from the past, a campaign spokeswoman told CNN, “As the Associated Press reported at the time, Kaine characterized President Clinton’s actions as ‘not appropriate’ conduct, but he had previously been on record criticizing the impeachment effort. He believes this election is about Hillary Clinton’s vision to make historic investments to create good paying jobs, make college debt free and build an economy that works for everyone, not re-litigating personal issues from the distant past.”

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