State Dept. stonewalls on convenient video ‘glitch’ so watchdog group is suing for details

They’re not going to get away with it if the government watchdog group has it’s way.

You may recall in May when it was discovered that Obama’s Department of State was erasing segments of official videos of press conferences to cover up embarrassing things it didn’t want remembered by posterity.

Well, now Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Obama administration to find out just who it was, and how it was that the official government document was altered in such a secretive and Soviet-like way.

Back in May Fox News correspondent James Rosen discovered that a question he asked of State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki was suddenly missing from the State Department video feed online.

Rosen had asked something about Obama’s horrid nuclear deal with Iran and apparently some mysterious “someone” at State didn’t like the question. So, when no one was looking, that “someone” deleted the question and the answer and left a white flash in its place in the official video of the Dec. 2, 2013, press conference.

In May when Rosen broke the story of the question’s mysterious disappearance, the State Department first claimed that the pinpoint deletion of the question and answer was just a “glitch,” a claim that made little logical sense. It wasn’t long before they admitted it was a targeted deletion and that “someone” ordered it done.

Next the State Department claimed it had conducted an “exhaustive” investigation and, gosh darn it, just couldn’t find out who deleted the footage or who ordered it to be done. It was all just a big mystery. So the State Department just shrugged its collective shoulders and closed the “investigation.”

To refresh your memory, here is Fox News’ James Rosen explaining back in May what happened:

But Judicial Watch isn’t satisfied with the short-shrift treatment and is suing.

The watchdog group is seeking any and all information the State Department possesses about the deletion of the question, information about the supposed in-depth investigation, and why it was abandoned.



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