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Milwaukee protesters might want to stop for a moment & consider the fact the cop who shot Smith is … black

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Amid the violent, racially charged riots that erupted following the shooting of a black man by a police officer in Milwaukee over the weekend, one fact seemed to be lost on the protesters.

The police shooting of Sylville Smith sparked acts of violence as buildings and cars were burned and businesses were looted, protesters chanting “black lives matter” in the Wisconsin city.

Smith, 23, was armed with a stolen gun and fled from a car Saturday during a traffic stop. He was fatally shot by a police officer after a foot pursuit and refusing to drop his weapon. While protests erupted blaming racism and calling for violence against cops, there was one inescapable fact the rioters were missing. The officer who shot Smith was also black.

In fact, the two men even knew each other from high school, according to Smith’s sister.

“The boy knew my brother personally from high school. They knew each other. You knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him,” Sherelle Smith said, according to Fox6 News. Milwaukee police confirmed that the two had attended school together.

Video clip via Fox6 News.

The victim’s sister did not agree with the looting and burning that followed her brother’s death. 

“Violence is never the key though, I’m not saying that. I don’t want anyone to be violent,” Smith said.

Though police would not release the officer’s name because threats have been made against him, the fact that he was not white confused some people.

The protests, which centered around race as an issue, resulted in extensive damage to property.

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