Your tax dollars hard at work: Feds host ‘rural summits’ for lesbian farmers. No, really.

This just in from the can’t make it up department: The Department of Agriculture has partnered with an Iowa law school to sponsor an event “to foster conversation and share information with LGBT people, families, and the community.”

Drake University School of Law in Des Moines, Iowa, will play host Thursday to the Iowa LGBT Rural Summit .

“Many LGBT people choose to live, work, and raise their families in rural areas. To highlight the unique needs of this community, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has partnered with Drake Law School, One Iowa, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and True Colors Fund to organize the Iowa LGBT Rural Summit,” the law school said in a news release.

“For over 30 years, through the Drake University Agricultural Law Center, the law school has worked to support opportunities for Iowans to become involved with and successful in farming including targeted work with women, veterans, minority, beginning, and small farmers,” Matt Russell, resilient agriculture coordinator for the Drake University Agricultural Law Center, said in the release. “Diversity is the strength of resiliency, whether that’s a diversity of farm products or a diversity of people living and working in our rural communities.”

Headlining the event will be U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who was Iowa’s governor from 1999-2007.

“The #RuralPride Campaign: LGBT Rural Summit Series is part of an effort by the USDA, the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the True Colors Fund – an LGBT homelessness group started by singer Cyndi Lauper – to reach out to LGBT people who live in rural areas,” the College Fix reported.

By promoting the event with the hashtag #RuralPride, some on Twitter saw an opening:

#WhatILearnedToday i could give 2 flips what gender, race creed, sex orientation u r while growing food. #ruralpride stop stupid agendas…


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