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What NOT to do when cops come to your house! Eye-opening video of what officers endure in Obama’s post-racial America

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A video being touted as how not to act when the police show up at your home captures an eye-opening snapshot of a day in the life of a Texas police officer in Barack Obama’s post-racial America.

Posted on the Sweeney Police Department‘s Facebook page, the video documents a startling series of events that take place as Floyd Lee Jammer, Jr. is arrested after admitting he hit a woman at his home. The restraint exhibited by law enforcement during the intense encounter goes above and beyond any reasonable expectations — to the point of putting themselves in great danger.

Jammer is highly agitated and becomes extremely aggressive with the first cop to arrive, a female officer. After she tells him to calm down, Jammer goes into his house and returns with what appears to be a bed post or some other type of club.

“Get the f*ck out of my porch,” he demands.

The female officer ordered Jammer to put the club down and tried to calm him, explaining that she’s “not trying to cause issues with you.” He continued to be aggressive, barking orders at the cop and repeatedly called his rottweiler.

After he invaded her personal space, the officer told him to back up or she will use her taser on him.

“B*tch, if you taze me, that dog is going to eat your motherf*cking a** up,” Jammer threatened. “You hear me?”

Jammer maintains his threatening demeanor when other officers arrive and while they do everything possible to resolve the matter peacefully, the suspect will have none of it.

When the officers finally subdue Jammer after he threw his glasses at one of them — with minimal force given the volatile situation — a neighbor has the audacity to cry, “Ya’ll ain’t gotta do him like that!”

Pure insanity in a world law enforcement must traverse on a daily basis.

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Tom Tillison


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