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Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke shows Donald Trump the ‘trenches’

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke got a chance to get real with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when the two met and spoke about life “in the trenches.”

Trump “understands the importance of public safety,” Clarke said, discussing the meeting, which was planned before riots broke out in Milwaukee following the shooting of an armed black man.

“I just wanted to give him an idea of what it’s like at ground-level. That’s where I’m at,” Clarke said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record”.

“I’m in the trenches,” Clarke continued. “I’m at street-level. I’m meeting and dealing with people who are looking for safer neighborhoods, safer schools on a daily basis, so I’m in touch with them. I know what their needs are, what their wants or desires are.”

The meeting originally had been planned as one with Trump, law enforcement officials and veterans, but it turned out to be a private meeting between Clarke and the GOP nominee.

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Video clip via Fox News Channel.

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