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Sheriff Clarke: Pathetic liberal policies lead to ‘law of the jungle’ in Milwaukee, progressive cities

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went “On The Record” Monday to weigh in on the Milwaukee riots that followed a black officer fatally shooting an armed black suspect.

He said it wasn’t the officer-involved shooting that created the rioting, but rather the collapse in social order in Milwaukee’s inner-city area, resulting in “the rule of law being replaced by the law of the jungle.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

“Milwaukee could be a case study in how damaging progressive, liberal policies have been,” Clarke told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. “They’ve created an underclass here. We have entrenched poverty in the city of Milwaukee, we have failing schools, we have dysfunctional families, broken homes, we have massive unemployment, we have questionable lifestyle choices.”

Clarke said the same problems result in all major urban areas governed by progressive principles.

“You look at any other urban area with a ghetto — Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other cities — it’s the same thing,” Sheriff Clarke said. “This is pathetic. I’m from Milwaukee and it sickens me.”

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Clarke’s message drew support on social media.

Milwaukee seemed to settle down Monday night.

“We think we are in, comparatively speaking, a positive place,” Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said, according to Reuters. The situation could change rapidly, however, Flynn warned.

Maybe the residents are finally beginning to realize that everything isn’t the fault of law enforcement.


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