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Obama halts golf and fun to do fundraiser for Hillary – see what they did together to manipulate the press

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President Obama interrupted his golf and dining-filled vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to do some fundraising Monday for Hillary Clinton.

Normally closed to the press, this fundraiser reportedly had some “limited transparency.”

In his first public event since his vacation began last week, Obama spoke to 60 donors who each paid between $10,000 and $33,400 to attend the event in the same town on Martha’s Vineyard where the president and his family are renting a secluded compound, CNN reported.

Even while Obama sang the praises of the Democratic presidential nominee, he admitted she wasn’t the “flashiest.”

“She’s not always the flashiest; she’s not always the person who’s going to give you the big stem-winder,” Obama said. “But she is the person who’s going to do the work.”

While it seems like Obama is doing some of the heavy lifting for Clinton, and she would rather have the president do her campaigning for her, he did not invest much time attacking Donald Trump. In fact, he wouldn’t even use his name.

Many on social media commented on the president’s priorities.

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