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Media ignores white teen shot in neck, reporter leaves Milwaukee in fear – why it’s worse than Ferguson

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White people in Milwaukee could be at risk.

That is the message independent journalist, Tim Pool put out on social media Monday night while covering the riots that have enveloped the city.

The riots started after a black, armed criminal was fatally shot by a black police officer. Milwaukee County Police Sheriff David Clarke, has come out to denounce the riots and aims to put a stop to the mayhem, but not before a white male was reportedly targeted and shot in the neck by an angry black mob.

That, along with growing tension and violent rhetoric seemed to be what prompted Pool to get out of the city, leaving the following warning.

As the night progressed Pool said he started hearing chants of “f**k white people.” He recalled locals grabbing one reporter telling him to leave, while another was “smacked upside the head.”

He said angry crowds were beginning to gather in order to attack reporters and anyone who was “perceived” as white. And while he made sure not to condemn all of the protesters on the streets he ultimately concluded it was time to get out of Dodge.

“I think, for those that are perceivably white, it’s just not safe to be here, and that’s why I’m deciding to leave.”

Pool’s comments and reports of the shooting stirred a firestorm on social media:



Pool said he “had no idea” why the shooting of the white teen wasn’t being covered:

The report was ignored by the mainstream media. ABC news , however, all but completely whitewashed the incident with an innocuous summary of what occurred:

Milwaukee’s police chief says an 18-year-old man suffered a single gunshot wound to the neck during unrest on the city’s north side, but that his life is not in danger.

The man, whose name has not been released, was shot late Sunday during a demonstration to protest the killing of a black man by a police officer a day earlier.

Police have said officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured man and take him to a hospital. Police did not say who shot him, but that they are looking for suspects.

Chief Ed Flynn said at a news conference Monday that the man does “not appear to be in danger.”


A friend of Pool’s took up his charge on Twitter. *Warning for strong language.



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