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Comedian Donnie Baker rips Black Lives Matter for Graceland invasion – you don’t mess with Elvis!

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The violent Black Lives Matter movement continues to prove that nothing is sacred in America, not even Elvis Presley… which helps explain why polls show America rejecting the so-called civil rights struggle.

On the 39th anniversary of the death of Elvis, Black Lives Matter “activists” descended on the beloved entertainer’s Graceland estate in Tennessee Monday night to disrupt a candlelight vigil being held in his honor.

Why? Simply because they can.

Which was more than irreverent comedian Donnie Baker could take, as he told the anti-cop movement to leave Elvis the hell alone.

In his own eccentric style, Baker explained the obvious, that protesting at Graceland doesn’t make any sense. He also reminded the race agitators of the many contributions the King of Rock and Roll made to the black community when alive.

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Tom Tillison


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