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‘America’s Merkel’ Donald Trump shares CHILLING tweet

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Donald Trump’s speech on defeating radical Islam was by most accounts a slam dunk.

Trump’s strong message on “How to Make America Safe Again” resonated with political pundits and Americans aware of the threat radical Islam poses both here and around the world.

Not long after the commanding speech, Trump took to his favorite social media source to cap off his message with a clear shot at his rival Hillary Clinton.


Trump put the tweet in context with a previous post explaining Clinton’s plans for America.


Labeling Clinton as “America’s Merkel” appealed to Americans who’ve watched the transformation of Germany into a place where many native residents, women especially, say they no longer feel safe walking the streets after Angela Merkel allowed over one million migrants to enter. Reports of public pools and even train cars being segregated by gender have been wide-spread in the alt-media due to migrants — mostly comprised of young men — assaulting women.

And Trump’s tweet stirred vigorous debate:


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