Oblivious Obama still swinging – and joking – even as psychiatrist says it’s his fault Milwaukee is rioting

President Obama continued swinging his clubs as Milwaukee burned.

Although Obama’s actions have created the divisive environment that made Milwaukee’s two days of rioting flourish and threats against law enforcement officers commonplace, he has yet to comment on the situation that resulted in activating Wisconsin National Guard members.

Fox News medical A-Team member Dr. Keith Ablow said Sunday that the Obama administration has created an anti-cop mentality among members of the black community.

Clip via Fox News Channel

“Word has gone out from the corner office that there’s terrible injustice afoot in America,” Ablow said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “We’re seeing – literally – a projection of the president’s ambivalence about America and his real rage at America.”

“I’d love to see the president come out and say, ‘Look, bottom line is, if you run away from a police officer, armed, and you won’t stop, bad things can happen.’ Where is the surprise in that? How does that lead to rioting? That’s craziness. It has to be a message from the corner office.”

But so far, the president hasn’t done that. In fact. he hasn’t even commented on the two days of violence in Milwaukee. It would have interfered with his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Instead, while Milwaukee’s mayor and chief of police were urging calm before another night of violence, the president was joking around with reporters at — where else? — the golf course.

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Obama’s silence on the situation comes despite his being briefed on it. WISC-TV’s Jessica Arp reported:

And while Obama was swinging his clubs, protesters in Milwaukee were preparing for another night of riots and destruction. Shelly Orman of Milwaukee’s Fox 45 reported:

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While Obama may be able to rake away his presence at a sand trap, he can't erase the damage he’s done to race relations in America during his term in office.


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