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Scary video of Milwaukee mob targeting white people with violence: ‘They white, get they ass!’

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Welcome to Obama’s America.

Rioters in Milwaukee chanted “black power” as they targeted white people for violence.

In a clip circulating on social media the thugs can be heard yelling as a car passed by them to “get” the white people in it.

“Is they white?” one miscreant asked.

“They white get they ass,” he shouted as the mob chased and fired rocks at the car.

In another part of the video another misfit proudly shouted “Hey they beating up every white person. They jumping every white person. Better no white person come down Sherman (Boulevard).”

The riots were caused by anger over the police shooting of an armed, black career criminal who refused to let go of his loaded gun following a traffic stop from which he fled.

Rather than call for peace one elected official instead threatened the city and warned the riots would continue unless black people’s non specific demands were met.

Carmine Sabia


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