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Milwaukee erupts in arsons, violence, looting after ARMED suspect was fatally shot: photos, video

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After an armed man was fatally shot by police in Milwaukee Saturday night, the city erupted in arson, violence and looting.

The man, reportedly age 23, was armed with a handgun and fled a traffic stop when the shooting occurred.

The mayhem spread quickly.

One police vehicle’s windshield was smashed with bricks and another set ablaze. Gunfire could be heard as businesses, including a gas station were set on fire, NBC News reported.

One officer was injured with a flying brick.

Despite the violence, at least one city alderman advised police to meet the demands of the rioters — or else.

And what are those demands? One person thought the black community wasn’t getting enough free stuff.

One person observed:

Then came the looting. It was a case of any excuse for free stuff, right?

Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton asked that locals help to restore order.

“We understand the frustration people feel with the police community nationally,” Hamilton said, according to NMC News. “We have to go through the process of finding justice, but we have to be able to restore order to these neighborhoods.”

Terrell Johnnies, the founder of a local non-profit called “The Spread Love Initiative,” talked to people on the street, urging a stop to the violence.

“I do not want my city to turn into a war zone,” Johnnies told NBC News. “I was thinking hopefully they can see me and recognize me and stop the violence.”

Violent disturbance? Yeah … no, it’s a riot.




Imaging the violence had the man not been armed.


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