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Meet the Milwaukee thug whose death started riots, see his cousin call for killing cops

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The purported cousin of the thug that was killed by Milwaukee police on Saturday night has now threatened police officers.

Ja’kari G. Rocaine posted to Facebook Saturday night and claimed Syville Smith, the man police killed sparking violent riots in the city, was his cousin.

If Rocaine is telling the truth he posted a lovely picture of his cousin toting a firearm to go along with his heartfelt, barely intelligible, statement on his thug cousin’s demise.

Ja'kari G. Rocaine

Ja'kari G. Rocaine 2

Ja'kari G. Rocaine 4

After all of Ja’kari violent posts he managed to then profess his love for Jesus.

Ja'kari G. Rocaine 3


Some of Ja’kari’s other Facebook posts show the type of man he is.


Ja'kari G. Rocaine 5A

Ja'kari G. Rocaine 6

A quick look at the Facebook page of Smith, or by his street name Trill Ville as he is known, doesn’t exactly paint the picture of a pillar of the community either.

Syville Smith 4

Syville Smith 5

Carmine Sabia


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