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Is Julian Assange being targeted for death? WikiLeaks tweets out Bob Beckel’s assassination ‘threat’

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Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being targeted for death?

Political commentator Paul Joseph Watson believes all evidence points in that direction.

In a video published on Wednesday, Watson pointed to cryptic tweets from Wikileaks that highlighted Democrat cronies like Clinton operative Bob Beckel and Politico journalist and pro-Obama author Michael Grunwald calling for Assange’s assassination.

Those tweets came the day after Assange hinted that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich might have been the leak that provided the emails that led to the resignation of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Watson pointed out other recent deaths around the Clintons.


Will Assange be next?

Even actor James Woods wondered if Assange would survive to see the November elections considering the fact that he has vowed to release more damaging information against Hillary Clinton.

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