Guy gives perfectly good reason for riots: ‘Rich people got all this money and they not trying to give us none’

The biggest news story America woke up to on Sunday was an all-out riot in Milwaukee that included widespread arson, looting and other acts of violence after police fatally shot an armed suspect.

Despite the mayhem, at least one city alderman advised police to meet the demands of the rioters — or else the violence would continue.

And what are those demands? One man interviewed by a TV reporter claimed that “They not trying to give us none.” None what? Justice? A voice? political power?

No, no and no.

He’s talking reparations.

“It’s sad, because you know, this is what happens, you know, because they’re not helping the black community,” the man said. “Like, you know, rich people, they got all this money and they not, like, trying to give us none.”

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So that’s what it’s all about? Money. Chances are this guy was a Bernie “more free stuff” Sanders fan.

If no one was surprised, they were at least embarrassed.




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