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Fight breaks out on the beach after Muslims refuse to obey France’s burkini ban; riot police called

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A man was harpooned when a fight broke out between Muslims and tourists on a beach in France.

The brawl occurred in Corsica a day after a ban on burkinis, Muslim beachwear that covers head to toe, was implemented.

The Muslims objected to a tourist taking pictures of women who were illegally wearing the banned clothing and confronted him when. When a group of teenagers stepped in to help the tourist violence ensued, The Daily Mail reported.

The Muslims, from North Africa, grabbed weapons and hit one of the Corsicans with a spear and a pregnant woman was also hospitalized with injuries.

Riot police were called in to stop the clash on Saturday.

“It happened because a tourist was taking photos and the Maghrebins [North Africans] didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter to begin with,” Mayor Ange-Pierre Vivoni said.

Thierry Migoule, who heads municipal services in Cannes, defended the ban on the Muslim swimwear.

“We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach, but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us,” he said.

“I’m simply banning a uniform that is the symbol of Islamist extremism.”

Carmine Sabia


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