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If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry – watch Greg Gutfeld review the week’s campaign comedy of errors, from both sides

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The presidential campaign has been so absurd over the last few weeks that Fox “The Five” Host Greg Gutfeld called it all a “ping pong of wrong” and wondered aloud, “Does ANYONE want to win this thing?”

On his show, “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” the Fox News comedian and anchor joked that neither Hillary nor Trump seem to be taking their campaigns seriously with all the unforced errors they are making.

Gutfled first slammed Hillary Clinton for having “terror dad” sitting behind her at a recent rally in Florida. Gutfeld is referring, of course, to the event where the father of Tampa night club terrorist Omar Mateen was seen sitting right behind her at a rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

The man is a “pro-Taliban crackpot,” Gutfeld said, but Hillary’s team was more interested in the “diversity” of her audience than national security.

But Donald Trump wasn’t to be outdone in the gaffe department, Gutfeld insisted. Trump “could have won the week on that alone if he had just shut up. But instead… he says things,” Gutfeld said before he went to a clip of Trump’s now infamous and wildly misunderstood comments about “Second Amendment people.”

It all amounts to a total failure on the campaign trail as far as Gutfeld is concerned.



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