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Liberal media breaks its neck telling us how many times Hillary has ‘disavowed’ Orlando terrorist’s dad

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In another stunning display of media bias, the liberal press is defending Hillary Clinton this week by repeating one word.

After the father of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was spotted at Clinton’s rally in Florida on Monday, the leftist media tripped over itself to push the narrative that Clinton “disavows” his support.

Over and over, the media attempted to move on from the bump in the campaign road for the Democratic presidential nominee by obediently repeating that Clinton disavowed support of Seddique Mateen. While Republican nominee Donald Trump was persistently blasted for his Second Amendment comments on Hillary Clinton, the media seemed eager to move on from the Mateen controversy.

Coverage of the story by the major news networks carried the same theme, repeating Clinton’s disavowal but never going in-depth to question why a Taliban sympathizer would have been invited to the rally.

Mateen could be seen sitting behind the nominee during her speech and later showed off a sign he had made supporting her. Mateen’s 29-year-old son was responsible for the worst mass shooting in American history on June 12 at an Orlando nightclub where he killed 49 people and wounded 53 others.

The bias in coverage was captured in this video SUPERcut from The Washington Free Beacon.

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