Geraldo gets on soapbox and tells GOP to ‘swallow their pride’ over Hillary’s emails

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera is at it again, this time siding with Democrat Hillary Clinton and insisting that she did nothing illegal.

Geraldo appeared on the Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” Thursday with guest host Eric Bolling. When the subject of Hillary’s email violations came up, the mustachioed analyst insisted that Republicans need to drop the whole line of attack and admit they were wrong to say what Hillary did was illegal.

Rivera criticized Republican spokesmen such like Rudy Giuliani for saying Hillary purposefully broke the law. Geraldo insisted, “these are crimes of intent, you have to intend to violate those securities laws, the intelligence laws.” And this is something the “Al Capone’s Vault” opener said Hillary did not do.

Geraldo went on to advise Republicans to just move on.

“Why don’t Republicans just swallow their pride and say, ‘OK, we were wrong about that, now let’s move on to something where there is probative value’?” he asked Bolling.

His last word on the issue was that Republicans are missing the boat by not going after the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation more forcefully.


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