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NY homeowner fights back, promises ‘yuge’ Trump sign after first one is torched

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Bigger is always better for Donald Trump supporters in one New York neighborhood.

Sam Pirozzolo and Scott LoBaido said they wouldn’t back down after vandals torched a giant “T” on Sunday at Pirozzolo’s Staten Island home.

The 12 feet by 8 feet cutout of a letter “T” covered in an American flag motif was made by LoBaido, an artist who calls himself a “creative patriot,” and sat in Pirozzolo’s yard since May, the homeowner told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on “On the Record.”

Police were investigating.

Trump reached out to the pair by phone after the campaign heard about the incident, and they promised the GOP presidential nominee something bigger and better — a “yuge” 12 feet by 16 feet “T”.

“He thanked us for our support,” LoBaido said, adding that Trump “was amazed that we were more famous than him today.”

“It was really an honor to speak to the next president of the United States,” Pirozzolo told Van Sustern.

LoBaido said the sign is “a work of art,” rather than a typical political yard sign and has won community support.

“Maybe some coward in the dark of night will try this again, that’s possible,” Pirozzolo said. “But then I will have the right to put up another one.”

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