Man grabs headlines for climbing Trump Tower, but nobody was ready for what he says about The Donald

A Virginia man created a media sensation Wednesday afternoon and became a real-life Spider Man by scaling Manhattan’s Trump Tower using suction cups.

But it was his one-minute message, which he posted to YouTube, that’s creating the real sensation.

Claiming to be “an independent researcher,” 19-year-old Stephen Rogata asked for “a private audience with” Donald Trump “to discuss an important matter.”

“I guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request,” he said.

“The reason I climbed your tower was to get your attention.”

He did that, and more. He got the attention of the whole world.

“If I had sought this via conventional means, I would be much less likely to have success because you’re a busy man with many responsibilities,” he said.

He added that he’ll give his contact information to Trump’s campaign staff in the event the Republican presidential nominee wants to meet with him.

“As for anyone else who’s watching, please help make this video go viral so that it gets to Mr. Trump, and be sure to get out and vote for Mr. Trump in the 2016 election,” he concluded.

The more than two-hour standoff ended at 6:35 p.m. when police yanked him in to the building through a window after removing the glass pane.

As for his desire that the video go viral, after being posted eight hours, it received nearly 800,000 views.

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