Watch what happens when Hillary is cornered about killer’s dad at Florida rally

Either Hillary Clinton is going deaf or she just flat-out ignored a pertinent question.

On Tuesday, following an event she held in Miami, a reporter asked Clinton why Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s father was in a prominent location behind her at the event.

“Should your campaign have known that Omar Mateen’s father was at your rally yesterday?” the reporter questioned the Democrat’s presidential nominee.

“Thank you very much,” Clinton replied, outright ignoring the question.

Later the Clinton campaign issued a statement stating it did not know that Taliban supporting Saddique Mateen, who believes God will punish gay people, was in attendance and disavowed his support.

But former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani explained on Wednesday it is highly unlikely the campaign didn’t know he in the audience. Campaigns typically decide who gets to sit in camera view behind the candidate at rallies.

In an interview after the rally, Mateen told reporters that “Hillary Clinton is good for United States.”


Carmine Sabia


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