Everyone is guessing at Trump’s INTENT on the 2nd Amendment remark; Rudy Giuliani KNOWS first hand

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani stepped in to defend Donald Trump and clarify comments he made on gun rights.

“I’m actually disgusted,” Giuliani said Tuesday at a rally, referring to how Trump’s statement that Second Amendment supporters could take action against Hillary Clinton was twisted by the press to appear like a call to violence against the Democratic nominee.

“What he said very clearly was that if Hillary Clinton were elected president, she would get to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, and among the other things that they would do to destroy us, would be to do away with the Second Amendment and your right to bear arms,” Giuliani said.

“Now, is there anybody here that doubts that?” he asked.

“And then he said, ‘And you have the power to do something about it.’ And what he meant by that was you have the power to vote against her,” Giuliani continued. “You have the power to campaign against her. You have the power to speak against her. You know why? Because you’re Americans.”

“It’s as if the only people with rights in this country are the press,” Giuliani said.

The GOP nominee faced immediate backlash for his comments Tuesday at a North Carolina rally, which Giuliani said was a product of the press and the Clinton campaign’s attempt to create a controversy.

Giuliani told “Fox & Friends” hosts on Wednesday that  he was with Trump after the event in question. When he first heard what some media elites were saying about the comment, Trump was shocked, Giuliani said – so much so that he used the “B-word,” presumably “bullshit.”

Sounds about right.

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